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    Did you really think being everyone is different that there is only one basic way to shoot. Well I can tell you this is not the case. You want to take your game to the next level, then you have to advance your basic's. What I am talking about is refining what works best for you. Have you ever went out at practice and just tried things like changing how far apart your feet are, which way they are pointed, how are they turned, where are they on the pad and the list goes on & on. There are different holds, high, low, in, out, where you look and this can be and probably should be different on every shot. You can't just try things once or twice and say they work or don't work, you must give them time. The problem is most find things that sorta work and stick with them, afraid of change, afraid things may get worse. Well let me tell you, if you are afraid, you will never get much better and if the 1st time your plan goes south and you change back to the old way---well you might as well be happy shooting the scores you have been shooting.

    Well you say how do I acquire this knowledge and when do I change things so I advance. It is all about gaining knowledge. I have taken lessons from Shima, Mayes, Kirkman, Thompson, and Schmidt and I learned something different from each one of them and each one has their strong points. But I have learned things on my own also from trial and error. These are things that you can do also. Remember most teach what works for them, which may or may not work best for you.

    I suggest you try to change basic's or advance them when you have shots that you can't make 95% of the time. Don't make big changes, but small ones along and along, and don't except miracles. BTW let me let you in on a secret, there is no one magic trick that the top shooters know. There will be times (if you shoot long enough) when you have to step back and rework your game so to speak. I am in one of those times now. I have had trigger problems, back problems and now trying to learn a new gun. I have shot scores that----well are not very good. So with all this going on I decided to advance a few things. In other words change a few things until I have the few problems worked out and are once again shooting at MY top level.

    Remember that advanced basic's are basic's that are refined for YOU, the perfect of perfect, which allows you to do your very best. The combination of a lot of small things that come together to make things the very best for you.

    Allen aka WAM
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