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    We all know vision is one of the most important things in shooting. You can't hit what you can't see or have seen.

    We are all creatures of habit, that is why we do things the same way over and over. But there are things that change our habits or shall I say cause them to evolve. It seems no matter how much we know visions importance it is sometimes over looked.

    There are many new and better tools to help with vision. The new high rib guns that promote the idea of keeping your head up. The best lenses for glasses, that enhance the target and so on. You say I have all this, or I have great vision with my gun (maybe not a high rib). But there can be more. What I am referring to is how you use your eyes. The problem is everyone is a little different, some can adjust faster than others, but there are common factors. The factors are how well your eyes pick up the target and lock on it.

    There are shooters who can step on the pad, mount the gun, look at their look point and call for the target faster than a cat can blink it eyes and all is great. Then there are those of us who need that extra second or 2 to prepare their eyes. I know how important keeping the eyes still and calm/relaxed is to being able to pick up the target and lock onto it. I also know I am not the fastest shooter, some would even say I am slow and with the 10 second rule you can't be too slow.

    I noticed the other day at a tournament I had started to get faster at the expense of not keeping my eyes relaxed and still. I noticed that the targets seemed faster and I wasn't seeing them as well, but thought it was another problem that had crept into my habits/game. Then I saw it on a high 2 I missed, my eyes were not still, because they were not relaxed. I once wrote about, letting your eyes work- not working your eyes. This is all true, but the big key to this is, your eyes need to be relaxed/calm. Have you ever noticed when you get in a hurry or become anxious, that it is hard to keep your eyes still and set. This sometimes comes with tournament pressure or just wanting so bad to shoot good. I try to stay relaxed/calm while shooting so my eyes are relaxed. Here is another example, when you are watching the shooters targets in front of you, how well you see the target. You are relaxed then or should be and are not anxious about how quick you see it, you just look and see it and it seems slow. Then you step up and call and the target looks like it is going mach5. Why the difference? It is because of the difference in the way you looked for the target, calm/relaxed vs hurried/anxious. Now I will say you can only keep your eyes still for so long before they start to want to move in anticipation of the target, so there is a fine line in trying to look too long. But you must be aware of getting your eyes still and set before calling for the target.

    So the next time you go out and shoot, try the calm/relaxed eyes approach and see if it doesn't help your game.

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