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  • Overcome Your Attitude Challenge

    Most everyone has a relatively positive attitude when things are going great. But we all have those certain situations... those situations that push our buttons, or seem to sour our attitude as soon as they take place.

    And next time attitude strikes, here are six ways to overcome it.


    Ask yourself, what about this situation is in my control? Regardless of the situation, one thing is always in your control- your response to the situation. Admittedly, some situations may be difficult to be positive through, but remember your attitude is always in your control. Allow yourself to take full responsibility for your attitude, regardless of the situation.


    Often your reaction to a situation or a person is built around your assumptions relating to it. Is the situation really as it appears? Are you assuming things that may not be true? And do those assumptions even matter really? When you examine your assumptions you give yourself a better chance of being able to see a situation for what it really is and taking some of the sting or stigma out of it.


    Perhaps the simplest answer, and something that may well be in your control, is to avoid the situation or person that is a negative attitude challenge for you. Your first reaction may be that you can't do that. Challenge yourself to think about how you might be able to avoid those situations. Once you have identified the situation you can then begin to see when it happens and how you might be able to avoid it.


    Ok, perhaps you really can't avoid the situation. If you can't, then you can focus on minimizing the times you are in that situation or talking about that topic. Reducing the frequency will help, as will choosing to put yourself in those situations when you are already in a better frame of mind.


    Repeat after me. It isn't about you. Most of the time, it really isn't. You may take it personally or find the situation so important that you can't pull yourself out of it. However, the reality is most of the time others are far more focused on themselves and their issues than on you. When you personalize the topic, situation or negative energy, you make it harder to respond in a more positive way. Let it go. It likely isn't about you.


    Let's end where we began. Your attitude is completely in your control. When you find yourself in your tough situations, remind yourself of that fact. Take a deep breath, and remember that you can choose your response- and your attitude.

    So next time you have that bad ref, bad field, bad targets, make a bad move or just do something stupid, a good attitude can and will overcome.
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