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  • The Comfort Zone

    We all have a comfort zone and in skeet it is usually associated with score. In other words when we step out into a zone we haven't been in, we feel uncomfortable. How many times have you seen a shooter working on a great score that they have never shot, only to blow it in the end. What happened or happens is they got out of their comfort zone. When this happens the mind starts to fear the unknown, so it wants to bring you away from the fear, the unknown. I have heard this called fight or fright.

    When we acknowledge the comfort zone as the starting point of all change, the sooner we are able to create the change we want and need.

    The pull of the comfort zone is strong. At some level, stability and comfort matter to everyone. We like the known. It reduces mental and physical risk; so, we must have strong reasons to overcome this pull.

    And we can overcome. Most everyone would be willing to and even choose to change- even from very comfy places (mentally, physically and emotionally)- when the new situation is seen as even better.

    So how do you change the comfort zone?
    It is one of the hardest yet simplest things to do.
    You have to prove to yourself you can break that one more.
    Step by step, just like a child learning to walk.
    Don't give in, don't give up, don't set goals only to reach them and stop, set goals that reach to the top a step at a time.
    Never set limits on yourself, when there have never been any limits set for you. You can do anything you want, if you want it bad enough (within reason).

    Allen aka WAM
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