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  • Compound Interest

    Many years ago when asked what the most powerful force in the universe was, Albert Einstein said, "compound interest."

    While I'm not a physicist or philosopher of science, those are powerful words to me (and you) as learners- because like compound interest, when we improve incrementally, we allow our skills to grow on themselves. Say that again "allow our skills to grow on themselves", wow.

    In other words, if we want to improve our shooting skills, our best approach is get a little bit better every day. Now I know most of us cannot practice every day, but we will use this example as if we could.

    If you want to get 10% better at a particular target or event in the next 30 days, that might seem daunting and time-consuming. But can you get 1% better every day for a month? That seems easier and more realistic. We can all get 1% better each day.

    So let's do the math. We'll just use the available days and assume 20 days in the next thirty (even though there are plenty of ways to work on shooting development every day). At the end of our 30 days we will have improved by:20.81%. And this is just month one... Powerful, huh?

    One skill at a time, one month at a time.

    Break things up into smaller, more manageable shots to work on.

    Continual, incremental learning is the way to success.

    Allen aka WAM
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