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    Taken from the NSSA rule book.

    A shooter's eligibility for concurrent events shall be determined by his/her age or status on 1 November. Exception: Military Reserve Component personnel may shoot in military concurrent events if they are on active duty during the shoot.

    Any shooter turning 70, 80, or 90 years old during the NSSA shooting year has the option of declaring into the next older age-concurrent category. Such declaration must occur prior to the individual's first registered shoot of the year; must be so indicated on their classification card; and they must provide written (i.e., letter, e-mail or fax) notification to NSSA Headquarters of their selection; such notification must be acknowledged in writing by NSSA Headquarters before the declaration becomes effective. If a shooter elects to move up into the next age concurrent category, they cannot subsequently change back to their previous age concurrent. Such qualified individuals who do not so choose, will remain in their current age concurrent category until the end of that shooting year.
    No junior, sub-junior or collegiate shall be required to pay any part of any entry fee that is to be returned to the shooter in the form of money.
    Where shoot programs offer special concurrent events based upon age, shooters entering such special events must shoot in the one for which they are qualified by age, if such a class is available. Example: Seniors cannot enter as sub-seniors if a senior event is offered. However, sub-juniors can enter a juniors event if a sub-junior event is not available.

    In parent and child (PC) events, unless specifically stated otherwise in the shoot program, the child must be of junior or sub-junior eligibility age.

    (FF) Family/Family

    (HW) Husband/Wife

    A sub-junior (SJ) is any person who has not reached their fourteenth birthday.

    A junior (JR) is any person who has not reached their eighteenth birthday.

    A collegiate (CL) shooter shall be defined as a full- time undergraduate student in an accredited degree- oriented learning institution up to a maximum of five (5) years of eligibility. This category may include a shooter 18 years old or older, who is still in high school, for a maximum of one year. For one time only, a shooter is eligible to compete as a collegiate shooter prior to his/her freshman year as long as he/she produces a letter of acceptance from a degree-oriented learning institution. At shoot entry, eligible individuals must provide a valid student I.D. card. The card must be valid on November 1.

    A triple-sub-senior (TS) is any person 18-39 years of age.

    A sub-sub-senior (SU) is any person who has reached their 40th birthday.

    A sub-senior (SS) is any person who has reached their 50th birthday.

    A senior (SR) is any person who has reached their 60th birthday.

    A veteran (VT) is any person who has reached their 70th birthday.

    A senior-veteran (SV) is any person who has reached their 80th birthday.

    A super-veteran (VV) is any person who has reached their 90th birthday.

    (NO) Novice (no registered targets prior to Nov 1 of the current shooting season)

    (WC) Wheelchair

    (2MT) 2 Man Team

    (5MT) 5 Man Team

    A military shooter (ML) is any member of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reserve Component or National Guard/Air National Guard, who is on active duty and in possession of active duty orders or an active duty Armed Forces of the United States Identification Card.

    A retired military (RM) shooter is any retired member of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy or National Guard/Air National Guard.

    (MV) Military Veteran - shooter is a uniformed service member with an “honorable discharge,” not on active duty or reserve status (including National Guard), and not on the eligible retired list. Military members qualify for only one of the three military concurrents – ML (active duty), RM (retired), or MV. The new concurrent is presently available only to United States uniformed military veterans. To participate in this new concurrent, send a copy of a valid “Honorable Discharge” Form DD-214 or DD-256 to Headquarters.

    Where shoot programs offer special concurrent events for military shooters, retired military shooters are only eligible to compete in a retired military event, and are NOT eligible to compete in a military event, even if a retired military concurrent is not offered.

    Concurrent teams have no club and/or domicile restrictions to establish official or world records. Previously awarded World Records for concurrents will stand, i.e. will be "grandfathered."
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