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  • Don't Deny---Analyze

    I study things and one thing I have found is how some shooters can't step back and look at themselves. Even when they are having problems and look for answers. They can be told and shown over and over and even change. But when things go a little wrong they go back to doing what they were doing before the change. They will not stick with the plan. And sometimes they don't even realize that they have went right back to their old ways. It is only when they see the answer to the problem for themselves, (the light comes on). I was told very recently by a shooter he had figured out something. I almost fell down laughing, because it was something I had told them at least 20 times before. For what ever reason they didn't get it even though they almost quoted me word for word.

    Then there is the shooter that asks for help. But when you tell them what is wrong and what to do to fix it they argue with you. They know that can't be the problem, because it worked years ago. It seems that this shooter, (usually one that has shot successfully in the past), feels that because they didn't figure this out for themselves, this some how makes them less creditable. They can't take a real look at what is happening, because they can't be wrong or have missed something so simple.

    I know both of these type of shooters now who are having these issues. But until they stop denying and begin analyzing for themselves the problem will not get any better. I am not saying I know and can fix every shooters problems, because I can't. I have even done things that I didn't realize I was doing, until someone pointed it out. What I am saying is, if you are having problems, it doesn't hurt to try what a reliable source is telling you. If your problems are to the point your game is in the toilet, what can it hurt to give the idea a try. If it works then good, if it doesn't then look for something else. But don't just try it once and give up on it, give it a real honest try.

    I have also seen shooters and have even done this myself. That is think the problem is one thing when it was something else. This very recently happened to me, I thought it was a eye problem, when it turned out to be a trigger problem. So to say the answer to the problem is easy most times is correct, but finding the right answer can be hard. This is why you should be opened minded and analyze the problem, which sometimes requires help, and help can speed up the process.

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