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    In my view, you can't be an effective shooter unless you are willing to be a continual learner. The game is too complex to assume we ever have it figured out completely. The best shooters know this and act accordingly.


    In the real world, shooters (you!) are busy and don't always think there is time to attend training for themselves. You might even be a believer in training and you might even have resources and opportunities for you to acquire training.


    Notice I'm not just talking about training. Yes, training is an important tool to help us learn, but we are talking about learning.

    And all of us have time for learning.

    There are hundreds of tools, approaches and opportunities for us to learn new things as shooters-and if you are serious as a shooter, you must take advantage of them.

    The reason that many shooters don't succeed is that they are unwilling to go through the process - the process of learning, practicing and repeating.

    That's the truth - learning IS a process.

    If you are committed to be a successful shooter, you must be an ongoing, continual learning shooter. And you must commit to making it a process and part of everyday life.

    Learning is like paddling up stream, as long as you keep paddling, you will keep gaining ground, but once you stop, no matter how fast you were going eventually you will start to drift down stream. So never stop trying to learn. And how many times have most said " I think I have this figured out", only to later realize that couldn't be further from the truth.

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