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  • Eye Dominance, and Placing an Occluder

    Occluder all the Time



    Thanks do much for your reply.

    So far as seeing lead, yes that l can do most times but not when the eye issue raises its ugly head.

    When l was shooting international skeet as you well know its more so based on precise repetition, as targets are much faster unlike American skeet, l may be wrong here but l suspect that slower targets are more likely to cause these dominance issues particularly those thrown as crossing or at 1/4 angles.

    I will try what you suggest so far as occluder dot.

    Is this also something you now use 100 % of the time when you shoot skeet ?

    Its strange that low 3/5 causes these issues as you would assume that the right eye commands the major point of focus given this bird is right to left l can only assume that as the target is seen more at central vision the left eye for some reason takes over, very frustrating.

    I will sure give you a call after l have spent some time with the occluder.




    Yes I use the occluder 100% of the time, I really don’t know it is there, until it is not.

    Good Luck

    Allen aka wam

    Adjusting Look Points for Occulder



    First, I would like to thank you for giving your time to help us learn the game of Skeet. I come from a rifle and pistol background and found Skeet is not as easy as people, such as you, make it look.

    I've been shooting Skeet for about 6 months now. I was doing well (about 95%) at stations 1, 2, 6 & 7, and not so well at 3, 4 & 5 (about 5%). Since putting the Occluder on my left lens (right handed shooter) I've shot much better (75%) on 3, 4 & 5, but I have started having issues with high 2, I haven't hit one since I put it on. I think I'm not seeing the target as well as I used to.

    My question is... When you install an occluder do you need to adjust your hold/look points? If so, how do you determine the proper adjustment?

    Thank you, Chuck


    It is hard to know without watching, but 2 things I can think of is, your hold point may be to close. If you are shooting on a field that has another field to your left, then hold out within 2 feet of the distance marker for the field to your left, which is about 3 feet past parallel of the house. Now the other thing it could be is if you have the occluder too far to the left, the occlude should be vertical and what I found is that you want it almost as far to the right as possible. If the occluder is 3/4" wide, and you mount the gun and you close your right eye you probably won't see any of the barrel, if you do move it to the right. This is the reason in the video that I said punch a small hole in the lineup tool, because moving the occluder fractions left or right has a big impact on what you see and when you see it.

    Hope this helps, any more questions feel free to ask, as I will tell you what I think, but it may or may not work for you. As I have always said, "if it is not working try something else, you have nothing to lose".

    Good Luck,
    Allen aka wam

    Occluder Placement



    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. As far as placement of the occluder goes, I've done it 3 times. The first was a guess, and I had an improvement. The second time I refined it a bit and had a small improvement. The third time, I worked at it a lot, then I saw your video. I popped in a different lens and used your method, I wish I had seen your video sooner, it would have saved me a lot of time. 15 minutes using your method placed it almost exactly where my 2 hours of my time and 175 shells put it. GOOD JOB WAM, excellent advise, thank you.

    Hold point, when I put the tape on I thought I should move closer to the house to see it better. Well, that didn't work out so well. Next time out, I will try as you advise and I'll see how it goes...

    Again, thank you for your time...it is much appreciated.




    I am glad the video helped.

    The reason for moving or keeping the occluder to the right is so the left eye can still see to the left.

    This sometimes causes the shooter to have to move the hold point out a little bit on the high house targets, so the occluder is not blocking the left eye from picking up the flash of the target.

    It is mostly on high 2 and high 3 that you will have to move out some.

    Good Luck,

    Allen aka wam

    Occluder blocking H2 and H3


    Alan, I tried your "patch" and I have a few questions. When I'm shooting h2
    I see a lot of the tape and don't seem to pick up the bird as quick same for h3. I'm right handed and hold AA in all guns but 410, A class. I tried your tip because at times h3,h4 and h5 seemed along way off and not in real
    focus. When I mount my gun with "big eyes " I would see down the left side
    of the barrel. A slight squint eliminates this but I would prefer not to.
    With your occluder the targets are in focus. Should I try a smaller patch to give me more field of vision. I'm 57 and have hunted all my life and have shot skeet competitively since 2006.
    Thanks : by the way good shooting at the Masters.


    Some can use a smaller patch and it depends on how far away your glasses are
    from your eyes, as the closer the glasses are the smaller the patch can be.
    I would 1st try to move the patch a little to the right, but not far enough
    so if you close your right eye you can see the end of gun with your left

    One thing you said that concerns me is, "when I mount the gun with big eyes
    I see down the left side of the barrel". This sounds like a gun fit issue,
    as no matter how wide open you open your eyes, how your gun lines up should
    not change.

    Also as you have found squinting causes you to loose depth perception. And I
    think the reason you are having to squint is a eye dominance issue, but I am
    not sure as it could be a gun fit issue.
    Send me your phone # and I will call so we can talk.
    Allen aka WAM



    Greetings Allen:

    I am in my late seventies and pushing eighty, but in excellent physical condition. I shot skeet for a brief period of time in the eighties, even took some lessons from the late Ed Scheer. my shotgun , at the time was a Bretta 686 with full set of Kolar tubes. Three years ago, started to shoot skeet again, and purchased a super skeet K-80 with full set of Kolar tubes.

    Gil Ash told me that the shotgun(K-80) had a high stock and high rib, and I will be shooting high. He recommended a number 3 stock.

    I took the K-80 to Champlin Arms, had a thinner recoil pad installed, and bent the stock. I patterned the k-80 with the LM choke on the lower barbell and Skeet on the upper ( not from the rest).

    Unless I press my face into the stock, the pattern registers high.

    I, am not doing well with either of the two guns, although slightly better with the Bretta. My problem is high 2 and low six and on occasion high one. I do not float the low 3,4,5 .

    I have been told numerous times that I shot above number one and two high.

    I do not believe that my poor performance is because of Gun Fit, for indeed the Bretta fits perfect. I wonder if the high rib blocks my right eye, and I am shooting with left eye. Or cross eyes dominant ?

    I have to close my left eye to hit the one low with both shotguns.

    Do I benefit from an IC choke on the lower Barrel do you have any suggestion for me .

    I am and will remain grateful for the kind consideration of me .

    I apologize in advance for imposition on your time.




    First, you should have your face tight on the gun. It sounds like you could be cross dominate, which can be cured with a eye patch (occluder), see my website on how to put one on in the right place.

    Also you can change the front barrel hanger on the K-80 to lower the point on impact on the bottom barrel and the top barrel shouldn’t matter that much ,if you single load for singles, because the 2nd shot on single doubles is a close shot anyway. And no I don’t think an ic choke will help, but it depends on many things, like shells, where you break the targets and etc.

    I hope this helps and feel free to ask questions anytime.

    Allen aka WAM

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