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    More Discussion on Hold Points

    As far as hold and break points, if your hold point is in the perfect spot for you, then the move with the target works perfectly with your reaction time. This will allow you to also put the target where it needs to be broke for doubles. It also makes the gun speed change, for example hold to close and you have to jerk the gun which cause excessive gun speed, or for example hold out to far and you have to wait and make a short quick move, which will cause you to try to make that same short quick move on the 2nd shot. Also can cause other things as well, but we could talk about this for days. The fact of the matter is hold points are very individual, because of reaction time and what works for that shooter.

    Hold Point Consistency


    Hi Allen,

    First of all let me thank you for your time and contributions to all of us aspiring skeet shooters. I have been shooting for a bunch of years now but have rarely shot registered events. I have taken clinics with Todd Bender and our dearly missed Wayne Mayes. I feel that my fundamentals are pretty solid. My question for you is about hold points. I have watched your video on hold points and the Wam stick which I think is a great invention. I tend not to look at specific objects on the field to find my hold point but look at the relationship of my hold point within the space between the center stake and the house. For example on H2/L6 I find the visual half way point then move in slightly which puts me just over 1/3 out from the house. On L3/H5 I hold visually 1/3 and on H4/L4 visually 1/4. All of these put me right about 1/3 out from the house. Having the experience that you do know of others that use this kind of method for finding the 1/3 out hold point? Do you think it is accurate enough or should I learn to find an object on each field to mark my hold points?

    Thanks in advance,




    I don’t know if anyone finds their hold point the way you described, but it is not consistent enough. Let me explain it this way, hold point are very individual , meaning everyone is different, but all are close and some on yours may or may not be the same as mine. It all depends on where you see the target and how you react when you see it. For example, if you make a consistent move on a target and you shoot the nose off, you should move 1 rib width closer to the house, this will put you in the center of the target, same way if you shoot the back off, you would move 1 rib width out from the house. So now, do you think your hold points are that consistence from field to field and club to club, I doubt it. That is how important hold points are and with the way things look different at different fields and clubs, you need a way to be spot on. Once you shoot for a while with these exact hold points, your move with the target will get more and more consistent which will result in better and more consistent scores .

    So learn to find something in the back ground and don’t forget about the height, as it is just as important as how far out.

    Hope this answered your question, feel free to ask any time.

    Good Luck and Good Shooting

    Allen aka WAM

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