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    Judging Choke Performance


    Can I ask about how you test and judge your choke performance. Do you spend a lot of time patterning your different chokes on a board, or do you just shoot targets and get realtime feedback from them by the way they bust targets? The reason I ask is that I have been playing with some different skeet chokes latterly and the ones I seem to shoot best with aren't the best performers on paper. It's got me stumped.




    I like to see how they pattern, the problem is understanding how to read a pattern. Another thing is where the chokes shoot, as some just shoot a more consistence POI. When I work with new chokes there are 5 things I look for.

    1. How uniform the pattern is
    2. How open the pattern is
    3. How the POI is
    4. How they break targets
    5. How many targets I break with them

    I want the chokes to break the targets good, but not so good that I am giving up size of pattern.
    I want the choke to make me feel good about my shooting and give me confidence.
    I want my chokes to all shoot the same the same POI through all gauges.
    I want the chokes to work well with my loads and not build up excessive plastic in a tournament.
    I want a lot don't I. lol

    Allen aka wam

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