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    I have had several discussions with mostly new shooters. The discussions go like this, "How long does it take to get to the top?" answer "Not sure, it depends on many things" question "But what if I practice every day" answer "Not sure it depends" question "But what if I get a good coach and practice every day and shoot as many tournaments as possible" answer "longer than before" question "But why?" answer "Because you are trying to force it to happen"

    I was told when I started to plan on 10 years to get consistence. I think this was right on target. Some will never make it to the top and some will make it to the top of their game, which could be C class. Lets face it we are all not going to be a top shooter and the reasons vary. A good friend once told me "skeet is a lesson in self-discipline" and nothing could be more true. I say skeet is like climbing a ladder, when you first start the steps are close together. But the higher you go the farther apart the steps get and the harder they are to reach. There will be times when you miss a step and fall a few steps down the ladder. This is the time when the winners will brush their self off and start the climb again. The quitters, the ones who can't reach that next step or fall will quit and move on to another game (like sporting clays lol.).

    I say enjoy the climb, smell the roses or gun smoke along the way and have fun.

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