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    WOW, I hear this a lot.

    Think about it, CONSISTENT, this would mean doing the same thing the same way every time. This doesn't mean constantly changing things, this doesn't mean a hold of about there, a look of about there, a move of about like this. Until you can do the right things consistently, how can you expect your scores to be consistent. It is all in the details and they must be the same every time, NOT ABOUT.

    Now your equipment must be right, no one is going to be consistent if their equipment is not right.

    So now you have your equipment right. Next get someone to film your head and the stock as you shoot. Now look close, is it the same from the start till you take the gun down. I mean NO change in wrinkle of your cheek, none, no change. If not, this is the 1st thing you will have to learn to do, and no I don't care if you are breaking the targets or not. If you can't keep your rear sight in the same spot from start to finish, how do you expect to be consistent.

    Next comes feet position. If you have to get some children's side walk chalk and mark around your feet on every station, get a custom to your feet being in the same exact place every time.

    Now hold points. These must be the exact spot every time. If you need to, put out cones, also make sure you are the same height. The hold points cannot vary, none, not even 6 inches. You will have to find the best holds for you, but you must start with something consistent.

    Now look points, this is one of the hard ones. But no matter what they are, you must be the same every time. This is why I use the edge of the window, every field has windows, but this is me and this will not work for some.

    Now the hardest one, the move. This is a point the target reaches when you start the gun. It will be different on just about every shot, but it should be the same on station 1 every time, station 2 every time, station 3 every time, you get it. This is very important.

    Now break points. This should be with in a 5 foot area, in other words + or - 30 inches. These break points will also be different for almost every shot, but the same shot should be in the same place every time.

    Last but not least. The finish of the shot. You should be able to say one thousand and one after the gun is fired before you come out of your mount. Remember above when I talked about filming, everything should be in the same spot as you started while you are saying one thousand one, then you can take the gun down.

    I promise you if you can learn to do these things and do them the same every time, your scores will be consistent. I will also promise you if you continue to constantly make changes, you will never be consistent. Get a good starting point and if a small change is needed, make notes and stay with this small change.

    To give you a example of how much I work on doing things the same every time, I have finger grooves in my stock and forend, so my hands are even in the same spot on the gun every time.

    I hope this sheds some light on being consistent. BTW all this doing things consistently has to practiced and practiced, thousand and thousands of times, all this does not come fast. But if you work at it, it will come.

    Allen aka WAM
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