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    What You Need To Start Shooting Skeet

    1. Gun with cyl, skeet, or ic choke, capable of firing 2 shots
    2. Eye and ear protection
    3. Shells with no more than 1 1/8 oz of shot and no larger shot size than 7 ½, 8’s or 9’s best
    4. Always carry a few extra’s on the field with you
    5. A shell pouch or vest (something to carry shells that is easy to get them out of) This is not your pants pockets
    6. Some sort of bag to put your empties in when you finish the round
    7. A range bag, bucket or some thing to carry your gear to the field; his way you are not walking back and forth to the car
    8. Hat or cap

    Things it would be good to have

    1. Gun case
    2. Gun oil and grease
    3. A oil rag to wipe gun down with when finished
    4. A rod, just in case a wad or empty shell gets stuck
    5. Water or gator-aid
    6. Bug spray
    7. Extra lenses for glasses
    8. Towel to wipe sweat
    9. Gloves if it is cold
    10. Lenses cleaner
    11. Few tools

    Things to know

    1. Never point the gun at anything you don’t want to shoot.
    2. Never load the gun until you are on the station
    3. Keep the guns action open
    4. Have your shells in your hand and ready when it is your turn to shoot
    5. Never put more than 2 shells in gun ( station 8 high house only one shell)
    6. Be ready when it is your turn ( don’t wander off)
    7. Do not talk when others are shooting
    8. Stand out of shooters view and peripheral  vision
    9. Don’t ask why you missed, unless you have asked can you before and it is ok with everyone (this applies to practice round) tournaments never ask until the 100 target flight is over and you have left the field
    10. Never try to pick up hulls until after you are done shooting (if it is ok with club) then don’t hold up the next group of shooters
    11. Be on time , no one likes to wait
    12. Keep your cool, no one wants to see anger (throwing hulls and etc.)
    13. Try to be a team-squad member
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