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    There is always lots of talk about hold points, look points, foot position, gun mount, gun fit and keeping ones head on the gun. And all this is very important and takes work to get all this right.

    I am a very observant person, it is one of my jobs running a business. I notice things most miss or never see. So when I am at a tournament or a club and people are shooting, I notice good things and bad about their shooting.

    The one basic that is most over looked is finishing the shot. What is meant by the term finishing the shot. It means staying in the gun, rotating with the flight of the target, continuing to look at the target after the gun goes off, watching the target break, not dropping your lead arm and when all is done you should be looking down the gun just as when you started. I see a lot of shooters who as soon as the gun goes off or during the gun going off, come out of the gun, stop their swing and drop their arm. They are not finishing the shot and this cost them more targets than they really know. I know of a world champion that teaches the student to swing the gun all the way to the next house after the shot. Another one will not let his student take the gun down until he tells the student after the shot. Both of these drills promote finishing the shot. One of the best I ever saw finish the shot was Larry Woo. He would remain in the gun for a second or two after all the pieces hit the ground.

    This is something everyone should work on at practice, then after a while it will become automatic. This is one thing that I work on at the beginning of every skeet season or should I say after every winter. If you watch the best in the game, they all have finishing the shot in common, some do it more than others, but all do it.

    I suggest that most shooters have someone film them to see if they are truly finishing the shot. And next time you are at the club, watch some shooters, don't look at the targets, look at the shooter. You will be surprised what you notice, if you look for it.

    Allen aka WAM
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