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  • Don't Panic

    How many times have you panicked because, you name it-- you jumped the bird-it jumped you-you let it come out under your gun-the target made a wild move-and on and on. We have all done it, probably more than once. Well here is where a good shot plan comes into play. You say what is a good shot plan, it is one that keeps you on track, one that you don't have to over think about, one that you know if you stick with it, you will shoot well. The problem comes in when you don't stick with the plan or the plan is a bad plan. The key is to not panic when the plan falls a little short.

    One of the main things that needs to be in ones plan is good basic's and one of the most important is to keep your head locked on the gun. If some of the things above happen and you keep your head locked on the gun and DON'T PANIC you will most likely break the target. It may not be the perfect move or shot, but you don't get points for style, you get them for breaking targets. Another part of my plan is to always stay calm, if I miss a target, I don't want anyone from a far to be able to tell, and not panicking when I miss one is very important. If you panic when you miss one, it will more than likely lead to more, which I am sure would not be in your shot plan. So it should be in your shot plan not to panic or should I say stick to your shot plan that doesn't include any type of a panic.

    Stay calm, have a good plan, stick with it, keep your head locked on the gun and if something happens, DON'T PANIC.
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