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    No one comes into their next performance review with a clean slate. We have past experience and it isn't all rosy.

    That is why the principles I am going to share with you are so important. When you focus on the principles, you will have a better chance of finding approaches to apply those principles in specific situations.

    REMEMBER THE BIG GOAL-IMPROVEMENT AND GROWTH. The goal is performance improvement and growth. When you remember this, and know that is your focus, you will improve results immediately.

    FIND WAYS TO REDUCE THE STRESS OUT OF THE EVENT. It is about learning, and the best learning experiences are seldom high stress. Take a deep breath. You recognize this may feel stressful, but know your goal is to remove as much stress as you can.

    LOOK FORWARD, NOT JUST BACKWARD. Most reviews look at what has already happened- they are, in effect, a history lesson. And we can't change our past performance. We have to put the past in context and focus on what we can change- which is the "next time."

    DON'T ARGUE WITH YOUR OWN DATA. We have an opinion about our performance and results. We have intimate experience with it. And while our perspective might be different than our data, perspective matters. While we wish something could have gone better, you don't have to convince yourself of that fact, you already own it.

    REDUCE DEFENSIVENESS AND IMPROVE RESULTS. Once we get defensive, the barriers are up and we aren't interested in our data or getting help. So do everything you can to reduce defensiveness.

    IT IS YOUR PERFORMANCE, OWN IT. You may be doing the review, but it is a review about your performance. Make the entire exercise about taking accountability for your performance, results, and improvement.

    These principles are profoundly powerful. As you apply them with care and practice, you will create higher levels of trust, and ultimately greater performance, which is what you are after in the first place.

    Good shooting.
    Allen aka WAM
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