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    This is what I would suggest, but it may or may not work best for you.

    We will start, lets say after a lay off, maybe from winter when you couldn't get out as much as you would like.

    New Shooter (2 years or less)

    If you are a new shooter (2 years or less), start with the very basic's, stance, gun mount, foot position, hold and look point.

    Take time to make sure these are right, not about right, right. Make sure these are right before moving on, continue to shoot rounds until these become second nature, (don't worry about how many targets you hit) get this right.

    Seasoned Shooters

    Now, here is where I start or a seasoned shooter should start.

    Shoot 2 rounds making sure your head is locked on the gun, doesn't matter if you hit many targets or not.

    Then shoot 2 more rounds making sure you are hard in the gun and follow through.

    I do this for several days until I feel I have this part automatic, (I do it every time without having to think about it).

    Next I will start working the eyes, keeping them relaxed, still, set with soft focus and ready to see the target.

    Once I have all of the above working, I will go to my normal practice routine, which is, shoot 4 regular rounds of skeet

    Just like a tournament, if I am shooting by myself, I try to do it without thinking or just thinking LOOK AT THE TARGET.

    If you have ever drove some where and when you got there, you don't remember going by certain things along the way,

    Kind of like you made the trip, but don't remember it.

    This is the way I like to shoot the 100 targets, (all of a sudden I am done and I have broke them all).

    If I have a shot or 2 that I feel needs work, I will work on it after the 100 targets.

    Then I will work on shoot off doubles, usually another 100 targets, working the whole time making sure I put the first target in the right spot,

    So I will learn where to look for the second target.

    I will do this 5 or 6 times a week until tournaments start and then I will do it 4 times a week and may add more targets if I feel I am behind where I need to be.

    Here are a few other helpful things.

    If you are having trouble with a target or 2

    Don't be afraid to try different things , like look, hold point, foot position.

    But don't stand there and shoot it over and over missing it.

    If you can't figure out what is going on, ASK FOR HELP

    The worst thing you can do is learn a bad habit, from standing there doing things wrong.

    Then it will take longer to get over the bad habit, than it would have if you had just asked for help.

    Work hard at practice, just like you would at a tournament (the reason I shoot a 100 targets of regular skeet).

    Remember you only are going to get out as much as you put in.

    Allen aka WAM
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