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  • Shifting

    At first you would think weight or eyes, but it is not either one.

    So what is it? Why does it cause so many problems?

    What can be done to stop it?

    Lets talk about what it is, shifting is when you are on the station and just as you say pull, or the split second before you say pull, your mind shifts from the task of focusing on the target to something else. For the new shooter it is generally the overload of info and trying to remember all of it. Like foot position, hold point, look point, etc. Their mind is running all these questions trying to make sure all is done right. They can’t keep their mind focused where it needs to be, on the target.

    For the more experienced shooter, they have learned most of the basic things like hold point, etc. and they have learned not to think about them (or they should have learned). These things have some what became automatic. But what happens to them is , for example, just as they say pull or just as they are saying pull a random thought enters their mind, focus is lost and so is the target. THE SHIFT OF THE MIND.

    So what can be done to stop this? Here is what I have learned and works for me most of the time. The best way is not to clear your mind as some would think, but to occupy it with something, like look at the target. If you start to think of anything else, like is this the right hold point or I forgot to call my wife, STOP. Start over. One way I have found to stop the shift is to keep saying in my mind over & over & over - look at the target or keep the gun tight or don’t think. Anything to occupy the conscious mind and let the sub-conscious take over.

    Some call this being in the zone. Call it what you want, but stop the shift and you will see results.

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