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    I really enjoyed touring the wam website. There is so much good information it will take me a while to take it all in. As an instructor/coach and a shooter I am impressed with the manner in which the material is presented. I can see where the information will help new as well as seasoned shooters with their game. I have had the opportunity and honor of shooting with you and having you assist me with some areas of my game; I am a better shooter because of these experiences. Thanks for making the videos and listing the information so many of us vie for and for putting it all in one place. I am going to make a link from our gun club site to your website as I believe it will assist many with their skeet game. I will also share the site with the School system Shotgun team I coach.

    Kindest regards,

    Austin Shepherd


    Personal experience with Allen McCannon...

    I am a pretty new skeet shooter, I have shot maybe a grand total of 50 rounds, I have purchased a new berretta silver pigeon I after 5 rounds! Like all good newbie I started looking around the net to get more information about the sport, immediately I was recommended to get the gun fitted.

    After further research I found a guy about 5 hrs (each way) from where I was staying at the time, got the appointment, got the “fitting” done, paid large chunk of monies (I had no idea that getting a gun patterned would cost me more then $100 and thats on top of the “fitting” fees), drove back, end of story? NO

    Heck after having it “fit” the gun was kicking my face (shooting stance was checked by other shooters and other instructors) call the guy back… it goes like “Yea no problem send the comb and I will mod it and make it soft for 100ish”

    At that point I was like WTF… Seriously? how is this “fitting” anything if we are just putting a band aid on a bleeding wound? How is ignoring the issue and putting a cushy thing on my comb can be called “fitted”?!

    Done a little more googling on that guy, consensus was that he is more of a expensive hardware installer then fitter =(

    No worries I am sure that there is someone else out there, I saw another “pro” charge me a nominal fee to look at it, spend a few hours with the guy and he as supposedly fixed the issue… WRONG still kick in the face! granted that he was nowhere near as expensive as the first gentleman… but still.

    I am getting a little desperate at this point I have a little over 3K in a pretty face kicking gun… Love the sport but can enjoy it, not when some 12ga is hitting you in the face, should I get another gun? I decided to call another pro… google around came across http://www.wamskeet.com/

    Ok… got a picture of a older gent with some trophies, claims to be a good shooter and give out free tips online and apparently can make custom stocks… hummm I don’t know the last 2 pros looked at that berretta, charged me moneies, both tried to enroll me in some kind of pyramid scheme while on the clock… I don’t know maybe I should just talk to this Allen and see what he got to say…

    Emailed Mr McCannon stating my little problem, he called me back the very next day spend a little under half an hour trying to help me out with my issue. He proposed that I meet him up at his range and was confident that the issue could be resolved. Based on my previous experience I was a bit skeptical, Allen was about 4hrs away from where I was staying at the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take a 8hrs trip, pay the guys I don’t know what kind of fees and still have my gun kicking my butt!

    So I asked allen straight up:

    Are you serious? Can you really fix this?
    Its a 8hrs trip, let’s not waste each others time.
    How much is it gonna cost me?

    Answer to number 3 kinda surprised me, “Well, G, I won’t charge you anything if I don’t have to buy anything… Maybe I will charge you for the clays you break”

    I didn’t know what to say… I was trying to figure out is WAM was some kind of time share thingy (heck, or other other pyrimid-er guy) where I am going to sit thru a presentation before I get to go to Disney Land.

    We talked some more and I decided that I would take a day off from work and meet the guy…

    Got there, spend about 6hrs with Allen… he made me shoot about 25 shells, saw the problem, kindly invited me to his house to work on my gun…

    Changed the pitch, Added a SS rod and BAM DONE!

    No more kick, no more frustration! He spend the time fixing the gun, fitting it till I was 100% AND coached me on shooting. Allen has resolve my problem where 2 other PAID pro have failed, well one wanted to add some foamy thing to my comb…

    I was so pleased! So I asked Allen: “So how much I owe you?” I will not get in to many details on how we settle it but lets say that the total cost was a little more then a double cheese and some chicken tenders from DQ… Allen virtually took care of it for free!

    I had a great time at Allen’s Skeet Range! The guy knows his stuff! He has more trophies and medals then the total number of rounds I have shot! I had the opportunity to shot some of his custom shotguns… MAN! Kolar makes some nice guns!

    Bottom line, if you are looking for lessons, tips or custom stocks, give Allen McCannon a call!
    Very nice. You have provided a lot of helpful information to new and experienced shooters. Your efforts are appreciated.


    I kind of came down pretty hard on your video idea...but, you did ask for opinions, and I gave you my honest opinion...it's been done and done well before.

    I would like to give you my opinion on your web site. Love it! This is exactly what I was trying to tell you....you are much more valuable standing in front of student. In this day and age, these video clips, are great way to reach a lot of shooters. Kind of the best of both worlds! We are starting a brand new group of 4H shooters and their gun mounts are terrible as you would expect. We encourage these kids to work on the gun mount at home...both to perfect their mount and to build up their strength. In past years, this did not happen too much...the parents were reluctant to help their child because they had no idea what they were doing. Understandable. We try to show and tell them what to look for on the field with mixed results. This year, I had them write down your web site address and go watch your gun fit and mount videos.

    Man...you really know how to flip on a light switch! EVERY parent & kid that actually watched and worked with their kid at home, said it was just awesome. Yesterday was our third practice with new shooters. It was easy to see who watched WAM! BTW...they even love the name...WAM!

    I know you are stuck in Georgia pounding on rocks, but I thought you should know you are working hard down in South Texas too! Appreciate what you do for the sport. You a good man Charlie Brown.
    Hey Allen, Been shooting skeet since 1993, some registered and some winter league up here in CT. Really enjoy your website. Some of your topics give me totally new ideas to try while others reinforce what I know or practice already. Keep up the good work. Thinking about shooting my first big shoot this year in VA: the Elite/Kolar. If I make it, I'll be sure and say hello. Good Shootin'

    Bill Walden
    Really enjoyed your web site. Great information!

    WAM, great site, I like the simplistic instructions and equal focus on the mental game and technique
    I have found several of the articles to be helpful even to someone who has shot for a while. Especially gun set up techniques. I thank Allen for taking the time and his money to promote the sport. Plus any guy that lets his dogs lay on his motorhome dash at a shoot has to be a good guy!

    Thanks, Allen for your time and expertise on this site. I have found several parts of the site helpful to me lately, as I have done point of impact testing, comb height adjustments, plus tips on correcting my shooting problems. As the skeet season approaches, I hope that you will continue to post articles and suggestions.

    Allen. You are a true gentleman whose dedication to helping is amazing. Keep doing what you do.

    Allen spent a few hours with me today and it really helped a lot. First and most important was determining that my gun did not fit right. A short trip by my wife to Walgreens for some mole skin and that was easily fixed. After showing me how to properly mount the gun I was hitting targets in no time. Then we started working on hold points and lead and swinging smooth. I have a lot of information to process but I am on the right track. Thanks a lot and I look forward to coming back some day. Now I need to have an adjustable comb installed on my gun.

    I had the pleasure of shooting a few rounds with Allen this past weekend. If anyone ever has the opportunity do not pass it up. This world class shooter is amazing to watch. His advice is invaluable.

    He gives freely of his time to others purely for his love of the sport.

    A gentleman I am proud to have met.

    Wow! Was it ever a good day. I truly enjoyed meeting everyone! What an unbelievably gracious host Allen was. The weather was nice targets were great. The help and instruction Allen provided was outstanding. Thanks ever so much for the opportunity to shoot with you Allen. Definitely something to remember!


    What a great day! Allen was an awesome host and an even better teacher. I learned techniques that I wouldn't have if not for Allen. I enjoyed meeting all the other shooters. A big thanks to everyone involved.


    Your hospitality is only exceeded by your expertise. Your expertise is equaled by your patience.

    You are truly a gifted shooter and great teacher.

    Had a great time today.

    Thanks again.

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