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  • Thought Control

    This is a very important part of the mental game. It will vary from shooter to shooter, that is different thoughts will need to be used depending on the level of the shooter. The shooters experience will dictate the thought that will result in the best results. For example a shooter who doesn't have to think about foot position or hold point, need not think about these. This shooter has shot enough that these things are automatic, in other words this happens without thinking about them. So thinking about them will only distract from the things that are not automatic, and the thing that will result in the shooters best results. This thing as I said above will vary, for example if the shooter needs only to remember to keep his head locked on the gun, this could be the one thing that will result in the best results. It could be just look hard at the target or let my eyes get set/still. Everyone must remember you only need to focus for a few seconds and there is only so much one can think about in those few seconds and only one or two is all that is needed for the best results for that shooter. As a shooter gains experience the thought will change as more and more things become automatic. Just like there are thoughts that yield good results, there are thoughts that will result in bad results. Thoughts like second guessing the shot, hold point and or etc. This is why thought control is so important. You must control what you think about and how you use your thoughts, use them in the right way and reap good results, use them in the wrong way and experience bad results. But one thing is for sure you will have thoughts and you need to control them. How you control them is very important. One of the best ways to control them is to think about the process and not the results, this is thought control.

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