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    After a lot of observation of late I see the same thing happening over and over. That is you learn the right way from a coach and you work on it in practice. You know it works, you have seen the results in practice while the coach is there. You may have even worked on it in practice without the coach and things are really coming along. Then comes the tournament and the thought is to do what you have been working on. All is going ok until you miss a few and then it happens, the deer in the headlights look. The plan is forgotten, the wheels fall off as the shooter goes back to what they were doing. They seem to go in a trance, they loose the plan they were taught and have worked on. Some even loose the plan at the end of the lessons, when the coach says lets just shoot a few rounds to see what you have learned. The question is how well does this work for you??? I would guess NOT TOO GOOD. So why do you do it? I would bet most don't even realize that they do it, it just happens. They don't understand why they haven't gotten any better. They think the coaching hasn't helped and it hasn't because they went back to what they have been doing before they went to the coach.

    The trick is:
    Work on the plan until it is automatic.
    Stick with the plan no matter what or how you shoot.
    Focus on the process not the out come.
    Learn to recognize when you have lost the plan (deer in head lights).
    Don't default to old way, make the new way your default.

    This takes a lot of work and it takes time. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort, then don't waste your money on lessons, be happy with the results you have now. Be that lower class shooter from now on. But if you want to be or get better, then consciously work the plan until you can do it without thinking about it, it becomes what you default to, not the old/bad.

    Allen aka WAM
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